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The Everyday Investing Bundles-Premium contains all the same features as the Everyday Investing Bundles, with one additional feature.

Included in the premium package is a one-hour coaching session with Aman Raina. The session is an opportunity to discuss, review, and resolve a specific financial decision you are facing in real-time with Aman. The session will leverage a great deal of what you learned in the modules and will further amplify your confidence with investing.

It’s time to grow up and start investing

You’ve come to the realization that if you are going to have some financial security in your life, you will need to grow your savings more meaningfully by investing.

Your infrastructure is in place. You’ve opened up a brokerage account, installed the app on your smartphone and you’re good to go, ready to buy and sell stocks.

Now what.

How do you figure out what stocks to invest in? When do you sell a stock?

You’ve taken some investing books out of the library, followed some investing experts on social media and tried to get some tips from people in your social circle. You get bogged down by the terminology and volume of information Forward P/E ratios, Free Cash Flows. Exchange Traded Funds. What is this? You’re overwhelmed.

You venture on and eventually settle on a few stocks because your friends and family are doing it. You buy them but you feel really indecisive and not too confident about the decisions you’ve made.

You tell yourself, there has to be a better way to do this.

You’re not alone.

 I want to tell you that investing is a lot easier than what the industry makes it out to be. You don’t need to get an MBA or memorize 100’s of formulas to be a successful investor.  If you can grasp some basic principles about investing, you have a really good chance of making good decisions and make your savings grow meaningfully.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can work with a resource that will teach you the principles of making good investment decisions and provide you with a sensible, easy to use framework that will allow increase your chances of investing success rather throwing darts at wall?

I can help you.

My name is Aman Raina and I'm an Investment Coach and Founder of Sage Investors. I help new investors who want to be financially independent but feel intimidated and confused about the investing world. They don’t know what the right investing path is for them nor where to begin. I teach and engage them how to make educated investment decisions so that they can achieve financial freedom in their lives with confidence.

The Everyday Investing Program

The Everyday Investing program is a series of 8 online modules that I have developed that will teach you the core principles of buying and selling stocks. The Program will help you develop one of the core investing competencies which becoming more financially literate. The Everyday Investing program will make you more comfortable in evaluating stocks.

The Program: What you will learn

In the Everyday Investing Program, you will learn to:

1) Understand principles on how companies create wealth and what drives stock prices. We use these principles to build on more specific investment competencies.

2) Read and interpret one of the most significant tools investors have at their disposal in evaluating stocks, the financial statements.

3) Use every-day macroeconomic measurements to better understand the business environment companies operate in.

4) Determine if a company and/or its stock is a risky investment.

5) Figure out of a stock is cheap or expensive.

6) Answer the 8 most important questions  you need to ask every time you are evaluating a stock.

7) Identify which investment products are appropriate for you.

8) Understand and be aware of the secret sauce that separates great investors from the rest, which is being more mindful of behaviours that an negatively impact our investment decisions and how to manage them better.

The Everyday Investing Program is very on-demand. You set the schedule and engage in the modules on your time and in a variety of Internet connected media (laptop, tablet, smartphone, podcast). If you’re fuzzy about a concept you can go back and review. Set aside a weekend and binge learn!

A Second Level of Learning: Join the Community

When you complete a module, the learning is by no means over. I’ve created a set of Discussion Groups for each module where participants can compare notes with each other. Confused about a concept in a module? Post a query and let the community of Sage Investors (myself included) help you and discuss.

Just think, you will finally feel that you are going in the right direction in growing your savings and truly taking control of your financial destiny!


Full Program - $649 Plus Taxes

Individual Modules - $99 Plus Taxes

Getting Started:

Are you interested in working together? Brilliant! Here’s how to get started.

Step 1: Click above to register for program. You can make your payment directly when you register. Payment is process via Stripe and accepts all major credit cards.

Step 2: Within 24 hours after confirmation of payment, you will receive a confirmation email from me with login information to access the modules.

Step 3: It’s go time! Let’s get to work!


If you have any questions about the Program I’d be happy to answer them. You can email me at info@sageinvestors.ca

I have also prepared a Frequently Asked Questions page that answers some of the more common questions about the Everyday Investing program.

Results: An Educated, Engaged, Empowered Investor...You!

I believe the Everyday Investing Series is one of the best investment decisions you can make as at the end you will have learned and will be ready to take action immediately on making successful investment decisions. You will feel  confident about making investment decisions and more importantly I know the fear factor that many people have about investing will melt away pretty fast. I invite you to register and I look forward to beginning the journey with you to unleash your inner Sage Investor!

To your future investing success!

Everyday Investing Bundles - Premium includes these courses

Module 1: Principles of Capitalism and Investing
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Module 2: Reading and Interpreting Financial Statements
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Module 3: Understanding The External Investing Environment
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Module 4: Measuring Risk In Stocks
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Module 5: Measuring The Value of Stocks
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Module 6: Making the Investment Decision
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